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Increasing photovoltaic self-consumption with game theory and blockchain

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  • @ARTICLE{10.4108/eai.27-10-2020.166770,
        author={Matthieu Stephant and Dhaker Abbes and Kahina Hassam-Ouar and Antoine Labrunie and Beno\"{\i}t Robyns},
        title={Increasing photovoltaic self-consumption with game theory and blockchain},
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  • Matthieu Stephant
    Dhaker Abbes
    Kahina Hassam-Ouar
    Antoine Labrunie
    Benoît Robyns
    Year: 2020
    Increasing photovoltaic self-consumption with game theory and blockchain
    DOI: 10.4108/eai.27-10-2020.166770
Matthieu Stephant1,*, Dhaker Abbes1, Kahina Hassam-Ouar2, Antoine Labrunie3, Benoît Robyns1
  • 1: Univ. Lille, Arts et Metiers Institute of Technology, Centrale Lille, Junia, ULR 2697 - L2EP, F-59000 Lille, France
  • 2: HEI, Junia, 13 Rue de Toul, 59000, Lille, France
  • 3: Greenbirdie, 13 rue Raymond Losserand, 75014 Paris, France
*Contact email: matthieu.stephant@yncrea.fr


INTRODUCTION: This paper presents a distributed approach to optimise self-consumption on a local energy community containing photovoltaic generators, electric vehicles, loads and a storage system. OBJECTIVES: The goal is to maximise energy sharing between users while preserving the indivual objectives of each user. METHODS: Game theory is employed to model users’ behavior and preferences. A distributed algorithm is used to solve the optimisation problem. In addition, a physical model of the grid is built to verify if the solutions respect grid constraints. Finally, a private blockchain environnement is deployed to concretely implement this distributed framework with a smart contract. RESULTS: It is shown that the proposed approach effectively leads to an increase of self-consumption rate on the local grid. CONCLUSION: The proposed distributed framework, combining game theory and blockchain, shows real potential to improve energy sharing on energy communities.