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Design Private Cloud of Oil and Gas SCADA System

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        author={Liu Miao and Mancang Yuan and Guodong Li},
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  • Liu Miao
    Mancang Yuan
    Guodong Li
    Year: 2014
    Design Private Cloud of Oil and Gas SCADA System
    DOI: 10.4108/sis.1.3.e5
Liu Miao1,*, Mancang Yuan1, Guodong Li1
  • 1: China Petroleum Longhui Automation Engineering Co., Ltd., China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau, Langfang, China, The 10 layer, No.1 building, Guanganmennei Street 311, Beijing, China
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SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system is computer control system based on supervisory. SCADA system is very important to oil and gas pipeline engineering. Cloud computing is fundamentally altering the expectations for how and when computing, storage and networking resources should be allocated, managed and consumed. In order to increase resource utilization, reliability and availability of oil and gas pipeline SCADA system, the SCADA system based on cloud computing is proposed in the paper. This paper introduces the system framework of SCADA system based on cloud computing and the realization details about the private cloud platform of SCADA system.