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Performance evaluation of composite Web services

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        author={Lynda Mokdad and Jalel Ben Othman and Abdelkrim Abdelli},
        title={Performance evaluation of composite Web services},
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        keywords={Stochastic Automata Networks (SAN), Markov Chain, response times, Composite Web services, performance evaluation},
  • Lynda Mokdad
    Jalel Ben Othman
    Abdelkrim Abdelli
    Year: 2015
    Performance evaluation of composite Web services
    DOI: 10.4108/inis.2.4.e4
Lynda Mokdad1, Jalel Ben Othman2, Abdelkrim Abdelli3,*
  • 1: 1Lab. LACL, University of Paris-Est LACL (EA 4219), UPEC F-94010 Créteil, France
  • 2: Lab. L2TI, University of Paris 13- L2TI (EA 3043), UP13 F-93430 Villetaneuse, France
  • 3: Lab. LSI, USTHB university of Algiers, Algeria
*Contact email:


Composite Web service architectures are demanding much guarantee on the Quality of Service (QoS) in order to meet user requirements. Performance evaluation of these architectures has become therefore a very challenging issue, as the task is very complex due to synchronization inside the orchestration of services. We propose in this paper to use stochastic automata networks which a is powerful formalism as it provides semantics to specify synchronization within a very smart formalism. Contrary to previous approaches, the modeling and the performance evaluation of a variable number of remote service invocation become possible. The reported simulation results advocate the use of our approach in the performance evaluation of composite Web service architectures.