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Hybrid Petri nets with multiple stochastic transition firings

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  • @ARTICLE{10.4108/icst.valuetools.2014.258204,
        author={Hamed Ghasemieh and Anne Remke and Boudewijn Haverkort},
        title={Hybrid Petri nets with multiple stochastic transition firings},
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  • Hamed Ghasemieh
    Anne Remke
    Boudewijn Haverkort
    Year: 2015
    Hybrid Petri nets with multiple stochastic transition firings
    DOI: 10.4108/icst.valuetools.2014.258204
Hamed Ghasemieh1,*, Anne Remke1, Boudewijn Haverkort1
  • 1: University of Twente
*Contact email:


This paper introduces an algorithm for the efficient computation of transient measures of interest in Hybrid Petri nets in which the stochastic transitions are allowed to fire an arbitrary but finite number of times. Each firing increases the dimensionality of the underlying discrete/continuous state space. The algorithm evolves around a partitioning of the multi-dimensional state-space into regions, making use of advanced algorithms (and libraries) for computational geometry. To bound the number of stochastic transition firings the notion of control tokens is newly introduced. While the new partitioning algorithm is general, the implementation is currently limited to only two stochastic firings. The feasibility and usefulness of the new algorithm is illustrated in a case study of a water refinery plant with cascading failures.