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Research Article

The GENI Experiment Engine

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  • @ARTICLE{10.4108/icst.tridentcom.2015.259974,
        author={Andy Bavier and Jim Chen and Joe Mambretti and Rick McGeer and Sean McGeer and Jude Nelson and Patrick O'Connell and Glenn Ricart and Stephen Tredger and Yvonne Coady},
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  • Andy Bavier
    Jim Chen
    Joe Mambretti
    Rick McGeer
    Sean McGeer
    Jude Nelson
    Patrick O'Connell
    Glenn Ricart
    Stephen Tredger
    Yvonne Coady
    Year: 2015
    The GENI Experiment Engine
    DOI: 10.4108/icst.tridentcom.2015.259974
Andy Bavier1, Jim Chen2, Joe Mambretti2, Rick McGeer3,*, Sean McGeer4, Jude Nelson1, Patrick O'Connell4, Glenn Ricart5, Stephen Tredger6, Yvonne Coady6
  • 1: Princeton
  • 2: Northwestern
  • 3: US Ignite and CDG SAP America
  • 4: Duck Syrup
  • 5: US Ignite
  • 6: University of Victoria
*Contact email: rick.mcgeer@us-ignite.org


We describe the GENI Experiment Engine, a Distributed- Platform-as-a-Service facility designed to be implemented on a distributed testbed or infrastructure. The GEE is in- tended to provide rapid and convenient access to a dis- tributed infrastructure for simple, easy-to-configure exper- iments and applications. Specifically, the design goal of the GEE is to permit experimenters and application writers to: (a) allocate a GEE slicelet; (b) deploy a simple experiment or application; (c) run the experiment; (d) collect the results; and (e) tear down the experiment, starting from scratch, within five minutes. The GEE consists of a set of cooper- ating services over the GENI infrastructure, which together with rapidly-allocated slicelets and a rapidly-allocated net- work offers a complete, ready to use, sliceable platform over the GENI Infrastructure. The GEE is designed to use off-the-shelf components and infrastructure; unlike previous PaaS offerings, it can be nested nicely inside a GENI slice, or any other IaaS infrastructure. Further, the GEE’s south- bound interface is extremely small and lightweight, making it portable to other underlying infrastructures.