3rd International ICST Conference on Mobile Multimedia Communications

Research Article

An Epidemiological Model for Semantics Dissemination

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        author={C.  Anagnostopoulos and E. Zervas and S Hadjiefthymiades},
        title={An Epidemiological Model for Semantics Dissemination},
        proceedings={3rd International ICST Conference on Mobile Multimedia Communications},
        keywords={Ad hoc network information dissemination Autonomous Systems Context awaremess Epidemics},
  • C. Anagnostopoulos
    E. Zervas
    S Hadjiefthymiades
    Year: 2010
    An Epidemiological Model for Semantics Dissemination
    DOI: 10.4108/ICST.MOBIMEDIA2007.1723
C. Anagnostopoulos1,*, E. Zervas2,*, S Hadjiefthymiades1,*
  • 1: Dept. Informatics & Telecommunications University of Athens 15784, Athens, Greece
  • 2: Dept. Electronics TEI of Athens 12210, Athens, Greece
*Contact email: bleu@di.uoa.gr, zervas@ee.teiath.gr, shadj@di.uoa.gr


Bio-inspired computing models have gained significant popularity in the engineering of distributed and autonomous systems. Epidemics assist in the direction of collaborative computing where groups of nodes can collectively share semantic content based on the current mobile context and user interests. Semantic information received by a node could infect the node and improve the existing knowledge according to pre-existing semantic structure. The capability of a node to reason with semantic information results in locally inferred information, which becomes a new potential epidemic. The application of epidemiology and context - awareness on semantically enriched information dissemination in ad-hoc mobile networks is analyzed and assessed using simulations.