1st International ICST Workshop on Game theory for Communication networks

Research Article

How to measure efficiency?

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  • Arnaud Legrand
    Corinne Touati
    Year: 2010
    How to measure efficiency?
    DOI: 10.4108/gamecomm.2007.2046
Arnaud Legrand1,*, Corinne Touati1,*
  • 1: CNRS-INRIA, LIG laboratory, MESCAL project Grenoble, France
*Contact email: arnaud.legrand@imag.fr, corinne.touati@imag.fr


In the context of applied game theory in networking environments, a number of concepts have been proposed to measure both efficiency and optimality of resource allocations, the most famous certainly being the price of anarchy and the Jain index. Yet, very few have tried to question these measures and compare one to another, in a general framework, which is the aim of the present article.