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Green Economic Policies, Strategies & Initiatives of India

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  • @ARTICLE{10.4108/ew.4659,
        author={Monica  and Ajit Singh},
        title={Green Economic Policies, Strategies \& Initiatives of India},
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  • Monica
    Ajit Singh
    Year: 2023
    Green Economic Policies, Strategies & Initiatives of India
    DOI: 10.4108/ew.4659
Monica 1,*, Ajit Singh1
  • 1: M. M. H. College, Ghaziabad
*Contact email: monicamust2017@gmail.com


Sustainable economic development is crucial to secure human welfare and eliminate social inequality. Global leaders have recently made progress towards reaching an agreement on how to convert the current unsustainable economic trends into sustainable green economic growth. The viability of the green economy depends on several variables, including governmental policy, the business climate, and environmental concerns. The presented paper examines the implementation of green economic policies and analyses government strategies and initiatives taken by the government at the national level. The study uses a descriptive-analytical approach. The study finds India is putting many regulations and initiatives into place to encourage the effective use of energy in a variety of economic areas, including green building, equipment, farming, mobility, and fuels. These green growth initiatives lower the economy's carbon intensity and provide a sizable number of green jobs.