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Assessment of Road Condition: Traffic Safety Requirement

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  • D. Sanjeeva Rao
    M. Srinivasa Rao
    V.V.S. Kesava Rao
    Year: 2023
    Assessment of Road Condition: Traffic Safety Requirement
    DOI: 10.4108/ew.4472
D. Sanjeeva Rao1,*, M. Srinivasa Rao2,*, V.V.S. Kesava Rao1,*
  • 1: Andhra University
  • 2: DGM (Maintenance), Department of MMSM, Visakhapatnam Steel Plant
*Contact email: tuti_balaka@yahoo.co.id, tuti_balaka@yahoo.co.id, tuti_balaka@yahoo.co.id


Road deaths and injuries highly affect the lives of people worldwide. road injuries and deaths happen due to improper driving, unfit motor vehicles, traffic laws disobeying persons and poor road condition. An effort is made here to assess the factors of poor road conditions which can be improved by prioritizing. Multi criteria technique is applied to prioritize the factors. Ann technique is adopted to assess the road condition. The methodology suggested can be used to determine the level of contribution of parameters towards safety hazard. Accordingly, appropriate mitigation measures may be adopted. A further detailed study needs to be conducted on a large scale by carrying out sensitivity analysis to test the stability of the ranking obtained by the suggested methods.