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Water contamination due to oil spill in Ancon

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  • @ARTICLE{10.4108/ew.4210,
        author={Roselly Jasmin Arce-Pizarro and Jeremy Darlin Arce-Pizarro and Alejandro Daniel Li\`{o}an-Romero and William Joel Mar\^{\i}n-Rodriguez and Daniel Crist\^{o}bal Andrade-Gir\^{o}n and Flor de Mar\^{\i}a Lioo-Jord\^{a}n and F\^{e}lix Gil Caro-Soto and Irina Patricia Calvo-Rivera},
        title={Water contamination due to oil spill in Ancon},
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  • Roselly Jasmin Arce-Pizarro
    Jeremy Darlin Arce-Pizarro
    Alejandro Daniel Liñan-Romero
    William Joel Marín-Rodriguez
    Daniel Cristóbal Andrade-Girón
    Flor de María Lioo-Jordán
    Félix Gil Caro-Soto
    Irina Patricia Calvo-Rivera
    Year: 2023
    Water contamination due to oil spill in Ancon
    DOI: 10.4108/ew.4210
Roselly Jasmin Arce-Pizarro1, Jeremy Darlin Arce-Pizarro1, Alejandro Daniel Liñan-Romero1, William Joel Marín-Rodriguez2,*, Daniel Cristóbal Andrade-Girón2, Flor de María Lioo-Jordán2, Félix Gil Caro-Soto2, Irina Patricia Calvo-Rivera2
  • 1: Universidad César Vallejo
  • 2: Universidad Nacional José Faustino Sánchez Carrión
*Contact email: wmarin@unjfsc.edu.pe


The general objective of the research in charge was to analyze the actual state of the area after the water pollution caused by the oil spill in Ancon 2022; in the same way, it showed a quantitative approach of non-experimental design of descriptive transversal type, the scope of the research was descriptive; Similarly, it reached a sample of 50 people affected, a survey was used as a technique and the questionnaire as an instrument, validated under criteria which was based on 20 questions for the variable of water pollution through the Likert scale, for this, a previous sample of 20 people was used for the reliability of Cronbach's Alpha; likewise, the data collected were compared by the Microsoft Excel program and the statistical software Jamovi cloud 2. 3. 26; finally, it was concluded that the consequences of water pollution from the oil spill were very harmful to the marine ecosystem, the environment, the surrounding people and the economy.