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Using ICT to promote teachers’ competences: strategies and challenges

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  • @ARTICLE{10.4108/el.2.5.e1,
        author={Margarida Lucas and Ant\^{o}nio Moreira},
        title={Using ICT to promote teachers’ competences: strategies and challenges},
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        keywords={communication technologies, social web, personal learning environment, competence development, teacher training},
  • Margarida Lucas
    António Moreira
    Year: 2015
    Using ICT to promote teachers’ competences: strategies and challenges
    DOI: 10.4108/el.2.5.e1
Margarida Lucas1,*, António Moreira1
  • 1: Research Centre Didactics and Technology in Education of Trainers, University of Aveiro, Portugal
*Contact email: mlucas@ua.pt


When merged with new pedagogical practices the use of open social web tools as a means to mediate and support teacher training triggers a whole new set of implications for education and individuals. It is important for teachers, learners and other educational agents to think of themselves as co-learners in a social collective aware of their role in developing the skills and knowledge they need to function in today’s world. In this paper we present partial data from a case study conducted to analyse the contribution of social web tools for knowledge construction in a post-graduation course. We describe the context of the study and the methodology adopted, followed by a description and discussion of the results. Data used for the purpose of this paper were collected through a questionnaire and a focus group, and results presented relate to the development of relevant competences and attitudes for teaching practice. Results suggest that the use of social web tools can contribute to the creation of personalized learning environments, in which the development of skills related to the social, technological and professional spheres can be supported. Although results cannot be generalized, the paper adds insights into the teacher training panorama and draws possible future directions for work in the area.