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Intelligent Reflecting Surface Aided Secure Communication with Federated Learning

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  • Bowen Lu
    Shiwei Lai
    Yajuan Tang
    Tao Cui
    Chengyuan Fan
    Jianghong Ou
    Dahua Fan
    Year: 2023
    Intelligent Reflecting Surface Aided Secure Communication with Federated Learning
    DOI: 10.4108/eetmca.v7i4.2900
Bowen Lu1,*, Shiwei Lai2, Yajuan Tang2, Tao Cui2, Chengyuan Fan3, Jianghong Ou4, Dahua Fan4
  • 1: Shantou University
  • 2: Guangzhou University
  • 3: Software Engineering Institute of Guangzhou, Guangzhou, China
  • 4: AI Sensing Technology, Foshan, China
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Applying federated learning into the covert communication can not only ensure the communication reliability, but also reduce the probability of enemy detection. The use of airspace resources is an effective way to achieve covert communication. However, most of the existing works on the airspace covert communication represented by MIMO need to adapt to the channel state and cannot improve the channel, resulting in the performance bottleneck of covert communication. The intelligent reflective surface (IRS) provides a new perspective for the covert communication by flexibly adjusting the reflection phase shift of the incident signal and intelligently configuring the wireless channel. However, the potential of IRS in the covert communication is far from being fully exploited. To solve this issue, this paper firstly performs a comprehensive literature review on the secure communication with the aid of federated learning, and then gives some challenges on the secure communication in poor channel state. In further, this paper provides some solutions to the challenges on the secure communication, where some results are provided to show the advantages. The research results have important theoretical and practical significance for forming a new research paradigm of airspace intelligent and controllable covert communication and promoting the application and popularization of covert communication in various fields of security.