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Energy-efficient and high-spectrum-efficiency wireless transmission

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  • Yajuan Tang
    Shiwei Lai
    Zichao Zhao
    Yanyi Rao
    Wen Zhou
    Fusheng Zhu
    Liming Chen
    Dan Deng
    Jing Wang
    Tao Cui
    Yuwei Zhang
    Jun Liu
    Di Wu
    Zhusong Liu
    Huang Huang
    Xuan Zhou
    Zhao Wang
    Chao Li
    Kai Chen
    Wei Zhou
    Yun Li
    Kaimeno Dube
    Abbarbas Muazu
    Nakilavai Rono
    Sunli Feng
    Jiayin Qin
    Haige Xiang
    Zhigang Cao
    Lieguang Zeng
    Zhixing Yang
    Year: 2022
    Energy-efficient and high-spectrum-efficiency wireless transmission
    DOI: 10.4108/eetmca.v7i2.2417
Yajuan Tang1, Shiwei Lai2, Zichao Zhao2, Yanyi Rao2, Wen Zhou3, Fusheng Zhu4, Liming Chen5, Dan Deng6, Jing Wang7, Tao Cui7, Yuwei Zhang7, Jun Liu7,*, Di Wu8, Zhusong Liu9, Huang Huang10, Xuan Zhou11, Zhao Wang12, Chao Li13, Kai Chen14, Wei Zhou15, Yun Li16, Kaimeno Dube17, Abbarbas Muazu18, Nakilavai Rono19, Sunli Feng20, Jiayin Qin20, Haige Xiang21, Zhigang Cao20, Lieguang Zeng20, Zhixing Yang20
  • 1: Shantou University
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With the deployment and commercialization of the fifth-generation (5G) mobile communication networks, the access nodes and data volume of wireless networks are showing massive and explosive growth. In this paper, we firstly review the research progress on the energy-efficient and spectrum-efficient wireless transmission, from the perspectives of both latency and energy consumption. We then provide several solutions to high-efficiency wireless transmission for the 5G wireless networks. Finally, we give some discussions about the future road for the design of energy-efficient and spectrum-efficient wireless transmission, which provides some theoretical reference for the system design of wireless networks and Internet of Things (IoT) networks.