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POX and RYU Controller Performance Analysis on Software Defined Network

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  • @ARTICLE{10.4108/eetiot.v9i3.2821,
        author={Naimullah Naim and Muhammad Imad and Muhammad Abul Hassan and Muhammad Bilal Afzal and Shabir Khan and Amir Ullah Khan},
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  • Naimullah Naim
    Muhammad Imad
    Muhammad Abul Hassan
    Muhammad Bilal Afzal
    Shabir Khan
    Amir Ullah Khan
    Year: 2023
    POX and RYU Controller Performance Analysis on Software Defined Network
    DOI: 10.4108/eetiot.v9i3.2821
Naimullah Naim1, Muhammad Imad1, Muhammad Abul Hassan2,*, Muhammad Bilal Afzal3, Shabir Khan1, Amir Ullah Khan3
  • 1: Abasyn University
  • 2: University of Trento
  • 3: Pakistan Council of Scientific & Industrial Research
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From the last decades different types of network schemes are pitched to enhance the user performance. Software Defined Networks (SDN) is also considered as important factor for different network schemes and its proper administration or management. Due to major deployment in today’s networking era SDN are further sub divided in to commercial and open-source controllers. Commercial and open-source controllers are utilized in different type of businesses. According to our knowledge considerable amount of literature is available on these controllers but did not provide or analyse performance of these controllers on different network parameters. This paper evaluates and compares the performance of two well-known SDN open-source controllers POX and RYU with two performance assessments. The first assessment is the implementation of optimal path by using Dijkstra's algorithm from source to destination. Second assessment is the creation of a custom topology in our desired tool (MiniNet emulator). Then, the performance in terms of QoS parameters such as Jitter, throughput, packet loss, and packet delivery ratio are computed by two end hosts in each network. After the assessments, the performance of POX are optimal as compare to the RYU and best suited to be deployed in any scenario.