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An Intelligent Fashion Object Classification Using CNN

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  • Debabrata Swain
    Kaxit Pandya
    Jay Sanghvi
    Yugandhar Manchala
    Year: 2023
    An Intelligent Fashion Object Classification Using CNN
    DOI: 10.4108/eetinis.v10i4.4315
Debabrata Swain1,*, Kaxit Pandya1, Jay Sanghvi1, Yugandhar Manchala2
  • 1: Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University
  • 2: Vardhaman College of Engineering
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Every year the count of visually impaired people is increasing drastically around the world. At present time, approximately 2.2 billion people are suffering from visual impairment. One of the major areas where our model will affect public life is the area of house assistance for specially-abled persons. Because of visual improvement, these people face lots of issues. Hence for this group of people, there is a high need for an assistance system in terms of object recognition. For specially-abled people sometimes it becomes really difficult to identify clothing-related items from one another because of high similarity. For better object classification we use a model which includes computer vision and CNN. Computer vision is the area of AI that helps to identify visual objects. Here a CNN-based model is used for better classification of clothing and fashion items. Another model known as Lenet is used which has a stronger architectural structure. Lenet is a multi-layer convolution neural network that is mainly used for image classification tasks. For model building and validation MNIST fashion dataset is used.