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Teaching Physical Exercise with Music – Pedometric Evaluation

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  • W.Vinu W
    G. Vinod Kumar
    S. Sivachandiran
    Year: 2023
    Teaching Physical Exercise with Music – Pedometric Evaluation
    DOI: 10.4108/eetel.v8i2.3073
W.Vinu W1,*, G. Vinod Kumar 1, S. Sivachandiran 1
  • 1: Pondicherry University
*Contact email: wilsonvinu@gmail.com


In everyday life and culture, music can be encountered and experienced in a variety of forms, and it plays a role in mood swings. Numerous studies have shown that listening to music while exercising increases both the amount of time spent exercising as well as the interest level in the activity. It is hypothesised that instructing pupils in physical activities through the medium of music would have a beneficial effect on them. Fifty-five students from the Faculty of Physical Education were chosen to serve as study subjects in order to investigate the impact that music has on the process of learning and doing the activity. This study was carried out over the course of two days, and the data was gathered by counting the number of footsteps that participants made throughout a period of 20 minutes of instruction with or without music. The exercises were demonstrated to the participants over the course of two days; on the first day, they were demonstrated with music, and on the second day, they were demonstrated without music. According to the findings of this study, there is a discernible contrast between instructing activities with and without the use of music. The topic revealed a tremendous amount of interest and vitality when it was practised with music. The pedometric measure improved with musical training, and males did much better than girls in this regard.