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A Concept Map based Teaching of Compiler Design for Undergraduate Students

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        author={Venkatesan Subramanian and Kalaivany Karthikeyan and Pallapa Venkataram},
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  • Venkatesan Subramanian
    Kalaivany Karthikeyan
    Pallapa Venkataram
    Year: 2022
    A Concept Map based Teaching of Compiler Design for Undergraduate Students
    DOI: 10.4108/eetel.v8i1.2550
Venkatesan Subramanian1,*, Kalaivany Karthikeyan2, Pallapa Venkataram3
  • 1: Indian Institute of Information Technology
  • 2: Independent Researcher, Australia
  • 3: Indian Institute of Science Bangalore
*Contact email: venkat@iiita.ac.in


In undergraduate engineering, most of the subjects do not have the open visibility of the Industry and Research requirements. Students are interested mostly on subjects which are useful for Industry placement. They do not show interest in non-open visibility subjects if an instructor teaches by simply following the textbook. Considering this, we presented a concept map based teaching methodology with Research and Industry assignments and problems. The proposed methodology focus on improving the teaching quality and students’ understanding level. In this paper, we have taken the Compiler Design subject and presented the concept map. To understand the eectiveness of the proposed methodology, the students feedback was collected and evaluated using the sign-test and the students’ submitted problems and assignments were evaluated to understand their level. The analysis results show that most of students studied Compiler Design with interest as a result of proposed teaching methodology.