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wHealth - Transforming Telehealth Services

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  • Rajib Rana
    Margee Hume
    John Reilly
    Sabe Sabesan
    Jeffrey Soar
    Year: 2016
    wHealth - Transforming Telehealth Services
    DOI: 10.4108/eai.9-8-2016.151635
Rajib Rana1,*, Margee Hume2, John Reilly3, Sabe Sabesan4, Jeffrey Soar5
  • 1: Centre for Health Sciences Research, University of Southern Queensland, Australia
  • 2: School of Business and Law, University of central Queensland, Australia
  • 3: Mental Health Service Group, Townsville Hospital, Townsville, Australia
  • 4: Tropical Centre for Telehealth Practice and Research, Townsville Hospital, Townsville, Australia
  • 5: School of Management & Enterprise, University of Southern Queensland, Australia.
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A worldwide increase in proportions of older people in the population poses the challenge of managing their increasing healthcare needs within limited resources. To achieve this many countries are interested in adopting telehealth technology. Several shortcomings of state-of-the-art telehealth technology constrain widespread adoption of telehealth services. We present an ensemble-sensing framework - wHealth (short form of wireless health) for effective delivery of telehealth services. It extracts personal health information using sensors embedded in everyday devices and allows effective and seamless communication between patients and clinicians. Due to the non stigmatizing design, ease of maintenance, simplistic interaction and seamless intervention, our wHealth platform has the potential to enable widespread adoption of telehealth services for managing elderly healthcare. We discuss the key barriers and potential solutions to make the wHealth platform a reality.