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Performance analysis of Cognitive Vehicular Networks under Unreliable Backhaul

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  • @ARTICLE{10.4108/eai.8-4-2021.169178,
        author={Cheng Yin and Zeming Su and Ayse Kortun},
        title={Performance analysis of Cognitive Vehicular Networks under Unreliable Backhaul},
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  • Cheng Yin
    Zeming Su
    Ayse Kortun
    Year: 2021
    Performance analysis of Cognitive Vehicular Networks under Unreliable Backhaul
    DOI: 10.4108/eai.8-4-2021.169178
Cheng Yin1,*, Zeming Su1, Ayse Kortun1
  • 1: Queen’s University Belfast, Belfast, UK
*Contact email:


This paper presents a comprehensive model including a wireless backhaul as a cost-effective backhaul alternative to wired backhaul for vehicular networks, a heterogeneous underlay cognitive vehicular network with multiple mobile secondary transmitters acting as mobile small cells, a mobile secondary receiver and a mobile primary user. To increase the spectrum utilization in this proposed vehicular network, multiple mobile secondary transmitters forward the signal to a mobile secondary receiver while using the same spectrum with a mobile primary user on the condition that the interference caused by secondary transmitters is tolerable at the primary user. A Bernoulli process is applied to model wireless backhaul reliability. The analytical closed-form expressions for outage probability as well as the asymptotic expression are derived to reveal the effects of backhaul reliability on the network performance over double-Rayleigh fading channels.