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The Impact of the Blockchain on Academic Certificate Verification System-Review

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  • Kumutha K
    S. Jayalakshmi
    Year: 2021
    The Impact of the Blockchain on Academic Certificate Verification System-Review
    DOI: 10.4108/eai.29-4-2021.169426
Kumutha K1,*, S. Jayalakshmi2
  • 1: Research Scholar, VISTAS, Assistant Professor, Tagore College of Arts and Science, Chennai
  • 2: Professors, VISTAS, Department of Computer Applications, Chennai
*Contact email: kumutha.k@gmail.com


Blockchain innovation (BT) guarantees benefits in believe capacity, collaboration, organization, identifying proof, validity, and transparency. These solid suggestions for the long run of how to verify the authenticity of academic certificates because a paper-based certification is fallible to manipulation and susceptible to fraud. This literature review started by collecting a test of basically peer-reviewed sources, as well as an enlightening outline of articles from different other channels to analyse about approximately later approaches, techniques and later patterns on instruction which is being utilized in blockchain innovation on document verification from different sector such as banking , medical records and education system etc. This paper proposes a digital certificate verification blockchain based system employing anowner authentication scheme and time, space of the students are stored as blocks using blockchain technology. A distributed public record with tamper proof and immutable that preserves the state of the document, which creates security in the digital asset. This clearly stated that this technology is required to keep digital assets in secure and any one can access without loss of data and maintained it with minimum cost.