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Inpainting large missing regions based on Seam Carving

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  • @ARTICLE{10.4108/eai.29-11-2018.156000,
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  • Ahmed K. Al-Jaberi
    Sabah A. Jassim
    Naseer Al-Jawad
    Year: 2018
    Inpainting large missing regions based on Seam Carving
    DOI: 10.4108/eai.29-11-2018.156000
Ahmed K. Al-Jaberi1,*, Sabah A. Jassim1, Naseer Al-Jawad1
  • 1: School of Computing, the University of Buckingham, Buckingham, Hunter Street, MK18 1EG, UK
*Contact email:


Inpainting techniques are developed to recover missing image information. Existing inpainting approaches are: Partial Differential Equations Based Inpainting (PDE-BI) and Exemplar-Based Inpainting (EBI). PDE-BI methods used to fill in the missing information via information propagation from neighbouring areas. However, it can only reconstruct successfully small missing regions that are surrounded by limited texture. However, EBI methods are used to recover large regions with richly-textured/structured areas around them, moreover, artefacts are likely to occur. This paper proposes a technique to reduce the missing region size based on seam carving approach, which enables EBI and PDE-BI to recover the missing part. In our proposal, seam carving is used to reduce only the size of the missing region, to be subsequently recovered using EBI method. The added extra paths resulting from the added seams is repaired using PDE-BI. This method outperformed the state-of-art EBI methods.