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Fair Allocation through Social Norm

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  • Pennee Wangmaeteekul
    Year: 2017
    Fair Allocation through Social Norm
    DOI: 10.4108/eai.27-2-2017.152265
Pennee Wangmaeteekul1,*
  • 1: Computer Science Department Faculty of Science Prince of Songkla University Hatyai Songkhla, Thailand
*Contact email:


In this research, fair allocation problem has been investigated in terms of efficiency and envy-freeness. The simplest allocation scenario has been chosen for this study. Ordinary Allocation Procedure and Social Norm Allocation Procedure have been proposed, implemented and tested. Three cascaded degrees of compromise values among three different-sized of agents have been set to test. The experimental results show that the Social Norm Allocation Procedure is able to reach more effectively and fairly allocated the resources among agents than the Ordinary Allocation Procedure in every agreement constant. Additionally, the smaller size of agents tends to give a better achievement when comparing with the larger size under the same agreement value.