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Unit test system of online English course based on SSH Framework

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        author={Wang Hainan and Jerry Chun-wei Lin},
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  • Wang Hainan
    Jerry Chun-wei Lin
    Year: 2022
    Unit test system of online English course based on SSH Framework
    DOI: 10.4108/eai.26-1-2022.172999
Wang Hainan1, Jerry Chun-wei Lin2,*
  • 1: Jilin University of Architecture and Technology
  • 2: Western Norway University of Applied Sciences
*Contact email:


Aiming at the problems of poor test effect and imperfect system function in the existing English course unit test system, an online English course unit test system based on SSH framework is designed to accurately recommend the required online English course resources for students and better assist students to complete the English course unit test. The SSH framework integrates the characteristics of the three mainstream open source frameworks of struts, spring and hibernate, and designs an online English course unit test system including presentation layer, business logic layer and data persistence layer. A variety of databases in the data persistence layer select MySQL database for data storage, The business logic layer uses the personalized English Course Resource Recommendation Model Based on three-dimensional feature collaborative control of the business server to meet the personalized needs of students' English courses, uses the application server to complete the front-end examination and back-end management of the system, and displays the system test results through the presentation layer. The experiment shows that the online English curriculum resources recommended by the system have obvious differences, strong adaptability and high matching degree; The CPU utilization rate of the system is always below 25%, the disk reading and writing speed is fast, and the fluctuation difference is not higher than 1000KB / s. The system has high storage performance.