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SecHMS- A Secure Hybrid Monitoring Scheme for Cloud Data Monitoring

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  • @ARTICLE{10.4108/eai.23-10-2020.166719,
        author={Anuj Kumar Yadav and Ritika Ritika and M. L. Garg},
        title={SecHMS- A Secure Hybrid Monitoring Scheme for Cloud Data Monitoring},
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  • Anuj Kumar Yadav
    Ritika Ritika
    M. L. Garg
    Year: 2020
    SecHMS- A Secure Hybrid Monitoring Scheme for Cloud Data Monitoring
    DOI: 10.4108/eai.23-10-2020.166719
Anuj Kumar Yadav1,*, Ritika Ritika1, M. L. Garg1
  • 1: CSE, DIT UNIVERSITY, Dehradun, India
*Contact email:


Cloud computing enables the data owners to store and host their data on the cloud storage servers, which is to accessed by data consumers from the cloud storage servers whenever needed. The approach provides not only better accessibility but also unlimited storage capacity to the users. Even though there are numerous benefits of the approach, but security remains the prime concern for cloud computing and cloud service users. There are few solutions that provide protection in cloud computing, but even after having these solution, trust in cloud service providers remains the prime concern for cloud users. To overcome such a situation and to enhance the faith amongst the user and cloud service provider, a hybrid monitoring scheme (SecHMS) have been proposed and evaluated in this paper. The hybrid monitoring scheme (SecHMS) uses public-key cryptography and hashing technique to provide data security in cloud computing. The hybrid scheme (SecHMS) constantly monitors the stored data on behalf of end-users. As user’s data is getting continuously monitored, it leads to the enhancement of trust for the end-user in cloud computing systems. A thorough analysis has been done on different size files, and results have been demonstrated to show the correctness of SecHMS scheme.