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Effects of data protection laws on data brokerage businesses

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  • G. Birckan
    M. L. Dutra
    D. D. J. de Macedo
    A. F. G. Viera
    Year: 2020
    Effects of data protection laws on data brokerage businesses
    DOI: 10.4108/eai.22-7-2020.165673
G. Birckan1,2,*, M. L. Dutra2, D. D. J. de Macedo2, A. F. G. Viera2
  • 1: Federal Police, Brazil
  • 2: Federal University of Santa Catarina, Florian√≥polis, Brazil
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For years now, players known as data brokers have operated on an unregulated market, by building businesses from the aggregation and processing of data, away from public scrutiny. Due to the genesis of laws that ended up exposing their model, along with debates on data privacy, a new generation of data protection acts, much stricter, are being enacted worldwide. The shift away from the data commoditization paradigm might, at first, indicate the extinction of such businesses. In this paper, we present related concepts and a brief history that led to that current scenario, along with some collaborativeoriented proposals for the adequacy of the data brokerage industry to a transparent perspective.