Workshop on Environmental Health and Air Pollution

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Learning Air Pollution with Bidirectional LSTM RNN

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  • Weitian Tong
    Lixin Li
    Xiaolu Zhou
    Andrew Hamilton
    Year: 2018
    Learning Air Pollution with Bidirectional LSTM RNN
    DOI: 10.4108/eai.21-6-2018.2276560
Weitian Tong1,*, Lixin Li1, Xiaolu Zhou2, Andrew Hamilton1
  • 1: Department of Computer Science, Georgia Southern University
  • 2: Department of Geology and Geography, Georgia Southern University
*Contact email:


An accurate understanding of air pollutants in a continuous space-time domain by spatiotemporal interpolation is critical for meaningful assessment of the quantitative relationship between the public health and perennial environmental exposures. Existing spatiotemporal interpolation algorithms are usually based on unrealistic assumptions by restricting the interpolation models to the ones with explicit and simple mathematical descriptions, thus neglecting plenty of hidden yet critical influence factors. We developed an efficient deep-learning-based spatiotemporal interpolation algorithm which can generate more accurate estimation for air pollution on a large geographic scale and over a long time period. The experimental results demonstrate the efficacy and efficiency of our novel algorithm.