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KPIs identification for evaluating E-learning courses through students’ perception

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  • @ARTICLE{10.4108/eai.20-6-2017.152743,
        author={A. Caione and A.L. Guido and R. Paiano and A. Pandurino and S. Pasanisi},
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  • A. Caione
    A.L. Guido
    R. Paiano
    A. Pandurino
    S. Pasanisi
    Year: 2017
    KPIs identification for evaluating E-learning courses through students’ perception
    DOI: 10.4108/eai.20-6-2017.152743
A. Caione1, A.L. Guido1, R. Paiano1, A. Pandurino1,*, S. Pasanisi1
  • 1: Department of Engineering for Innovation, University of Salento, Via per Monteroni, Lecce Italy
*Contact email: andrea.pandurino@unisalento.it


The use of e-learning in education is an ever-increasing practice. E-learning could generate effective learning for education. There are several factors affecting the creation of successful e-learning for education as well as several criteria possibly applied to evaluate the effectiveness. The “traditional” way (questionnaire, interview, information system analysis) to measure effectiveness is not enough in e-learning measure of effectiveness because part of the information, that coming from social networks, will be lost. This paper, after identifying the Critical Success Factors (CSFs) of a synchronous e-learning system, and identifying the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), proposes an approach for evaluation based on the analysis of information derived from social aspects. The paper proposes a set of CSFs and KPIs to study the students’ perception of e-learning platform and highlights how to measure the KPIs using social software information.