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Web-based Visual Analytics of Lifestyle Data in MyHealthAvatar

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  • @ARTICLE{10.4108/eai.14-10-2015.2261796,
        author={Youbing Zhao and Farzad Parvinzamir and Xia Zhao and Zhikun Deng and Feng Dong and Nikolaos Ersotelos and Gordon Clapworthy},
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  • Youbing Zhao
    Farzad Parvinzamir
    Xia Zhao
    Zhikun Deng
    Feng Dong
    Nikolaos Ersotelos
    Gordon Clapworthy
    Year: 2015
    Web-based Visual Analytics of Lifestyle Data in MyHealthAvatar
    DOI: 10.4108/eai.14-10-2015.2261796
Youbing Zhao1,*, Farzad Parvinzamir2, Xia Zhao2, Zhikun Deng2, Feng Dong2, Nikolaos Ersotelos2, Gordon Clapworthy2
  • 1: University of Bedfordshire
  • 2: Unviersity of Bedfordshire
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MyHealthAvatar is a project designed to collect lifestyle and health data to promote citizen’s wellbeing. As a lifetime companion of citizens the amount of data to be collected is large. It is almost impossible for citizens, patients and doctors to view, utilise and understand these data without proper visual presentation and user interaction. Visual analytics of lifestyle data is one of the key features of MyHealthAvatar. This paper presents the visual analytics components in MyHealthAvatar to facilitate health and lifestyle data presentation and analysis, including 3d avatar, dashboard, diary, timeline, clock view and map. These components can be used cooperatively to achieve flexible visual analysis of spatial temporal lifestyle and health data.