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Critical Success Factors of Green Project Management for Sustainable Housing

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  • Dina Khater
    A. Samer Ezeldin
    Medhat Elshazly
    Year: 2020
    Critical Success Factors of Green Project Management for Sustainable Housing
    DOI: 10.4108/eai.13-7-2018.164857
Dina Khater1,*, A. Samer Ezeldin2, Medhat Elshazly3
  • 1: Lecturer, Arab Academy for Science and Technology, Faculty of Engineering, Architecture Department, Egypt
  • 2: American University in Cairo, School of Sciences Engineering, Department of Construction Engineering, Professor and Chair, Egypt
  • 3: Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, Architecture Department, Professor of Architectural Design and Building Technology, Egypt
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The growing demand for green construction, which is associated with increased perceptions of the risks associated with going green, highlights the need for a standard or benchmark that should be identified for project management practices to ensure successful sustainable urban development, assess its progress and report the results. The article argues that this would require a rephrasing of the project management processes as the execution of green building projects requires changes to the traditional project management aspects. Therefore, the article will address the significant changes needed for project management practices that are appropriate to provide procedural parameters to a green building project. Based on this perspective, the article explores the integration of concepts of sustainability into knowledge areas and processes of project management and how it can be used as a tool to sustainably implement the construction projects. The article results to reach the critical success factors of a work plan which is introduced as a Guide Model. The introduced Guide Model was validated to ensure the integration of sustainability into the management of sustainable development and fast track mega projects, called Green Project Management (GPM) with Egyptian sustainable development in the housing sector as the case study.