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Secure Smart and Remote Multipurpose Attendance Monitoring System

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  • Azeem Khan
    NZ Jhanjhi
    Mamoona Humayun
    Year: 2020
    Secure Smart and Remote Multipurpose Attendance Monitoring System
    DOI: 10.4108/eai.13-7-2018.164583
Azeem Khan1, NZ Jhanjhi2,*, Mamoona Humayun3
  • 1: American Degree Program ADP, Taylors University, Malaysia
  • 2: School of Computer Science and Engineering SCE, Lakeside Campus, Taylors University, Malaysia
  • 3: College of Computer and Information Science, Jouf University, Al-Jouf, Saudi Arabia
*Contact email: Noorzaman.jhanjhi@taylors.edu.my


Attendance monitoring system is an essential element in all organizations and is considered as an integral part of efficient organizational information systems. Most of the time it so happens that if any stakeholder wants to meet concerned in charge employees they need to take an appointment and then consult them. In situations where meeting becomes inevitable there is no system available to trace them with in the vicinity of the organization. The current research has been undertaken to address this issue, which is to know whereabouts of in charge employees during organizational timings. The proposed system works on RFID technology where in, as the concerned employees enters in the organization vicinity, his RFID will be validated with a check from the organizational database, if he/she is indeed an employee of the respective organization he/she will be allowed to enter into workspace and his attendance will be updated in the respective organizational database. Their status will be displayed on the screens available outside the workspace; apart from it the details will also be updated on cloud and the stakeholders willing to meet their respective personnel can easily see from the respective web-portal and can make an appointment based on their availability.