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A proposal for the supply chain design: A digitization approach

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  • Jose Antonio Marmolejo-Saucedo
    Brenda Retana-Blanco
    Roman Rodriguez-Aguilar
    Erika Pedraza-Arroyo
    Year: 2020
    A proposal for the supply chain design: A digitization approach
    DOI: 10.4108/eai.13-7-2018.164112
Jose Antonio Marmolejo-Saucedo1,*, Brenda Retana-Blanco2, Roman Rodriguez-Aguilar3, Erika Pedraza-Arroyo2
  • 1: Universidad Panamericana. Facultad de Ingenieria. Augusto Rodin 498, Ciudad de Mexico, 03920, Mexico
  • 2: Universidad Anáhuac Mexico, Facultad de Ingeniería. Av. Universidad Anáhuac 46, Lomas Anáhuac, Huixquilucan, Estado de Mexico 52786, Mexico
  • 3: Universidad Panamericana. Escuela de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales. Augusto Rodin 498, Ciudad de México, 03920, México
*Contact email: jmarmolejo@up.edu.mx


The logistics network of an automotive company in Mexico, was analyzed to propose a better logistics network in the country to improve delivery times to customers. The network design considers elements of digitization of Greenfield Analysis and Network Optimization processes. Taking into account the information given by the company, it was possible to obtain optimal scenarios for better operation, which involved the construction of distribution centers throughout Mexico.