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Confine Ingenious Firefly Algorithm Correlating Water Drop Algorithm for Amassment in Networks

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  • @ARTICLE{10.4108/eai.13-7-2018.159625,
        author={Neha Sharma and Usha  Batra and Sherin  Zafar},
        title={Confine Ingenious Firefly Algorithm Correlating Water Drop Algorithm for Amassment in Networks},
        journal={EAI Endorsed Transactions on Scalable Information Systems},
        keywords={Internet of Things (IOT)-Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET), Firefly Routing Algorithm (FRA), Intelligent Water Drop Routing Algorithm (IWDRA)},
  • Neha Sharma
    Usha Batra
    Sherin Zafar
    Year: 2019
    Confine Ingenious Firefly Algorithm Correlating Water Drop Algorithm for Amassment in Networks
    DOI: 10.4108/eai.13-7-2018.159625
Neha Sharma1, Usha Batra1, Sherin Zafar2,*
  • 1: GD Goenka University, Sohna Road, Gurugram, India
  • 2: Department of CSE, SEST, Jamia Hamdard, India
*Contact email:


In present internet usage scenario users (clients or customers) are utilizing distinctive physical things for different purposes. This idea takes the users into the universe of Internet of Things (IOT) which is a course of action and development of fair innovation. It allows affiliation, game plan and usage of different physical things present in the propelled universe, utilizing heterogeneous frameworks and correspondence of advances. The universe of IOT in different splendid circumstances with the infra-structure-less system refereed as Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET) prompts an imaginative methodology altogether appealing for current customers. The monetary imaginative worldview prompts associations among adaptable and compact MANET framework with IOT shaping a structure for the data innovation. MANET based IOT paradigm gives imperative flexibility to cutting edge clients and customers by diminishing costs of associations for the significant frameworks. This leads to new testing parameters in perspective of various organizations. In this examination work, authors have proposed a controlling response for the Internet of Things structure surrounding neoteric firefly routing algorithm associated with intelligent water drop routing methodology. Both firefly routing algorithm (FRA) and intelligent water drop routing algorithm (IWDRA) performs enhancement for the customary conventions of MANET. These enhancements will give enormous advances for various real life scenarios and issues. In the proposed methodology when FRA and IWDRA were connected in customary directing convention and mimicked for advancements, firefly calculation demonstrated its value over the water drop approach. The presented results of plan's examination give a ground-breaking procedure for growth through different execution factors specified as End-to-End Delay (E2D), Normalized Routing Load (NRL), Packet Delivery Ratio (PDR), Packet Loss Ratio (PLR) and throughput for the MANET based IOT worldview. The approval of the proposed methodology through network simulator test system approach prompts new stage of reliable game plan for future system establishment.