10th EAI International Conference on Mobile Multimedia Communications

Research Article

Using CNN for Encoder Optimization in H.265/HEVC

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  • Ying Xie
    Ming Yang
    Jian Yu
    Wenchan Jiang
    Luguo Hao
    Year: 2017
    Using CNN for Encoder Optimization in H.265/HEVC
    DOI: 10.4108/eai.13-7-2017.2270767
Ying Xie1,*, Ming Yang1, Jian Yu2, Wenchan Jiang1, Luguo Hao3
  • 1: Kennesaw State University
  • 2: Tianjin University
  • 3: Guangdong University of Technology
*Contact email: yxie2@kennesaw.edu


In this work-in-progress paper, we proposed using deep learning techniques, especially the deep Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) to perform critical tasks of video ending within the framework of H.265/HEVC. Deep CNNs have achieved break-through improvements on image recognition tasks such as image classifications, object identifications, and image annotations. However, very few work has been done in applying deep CNN to video encoding. In order to take advantage of the significant capabilities of deep CNN on image content detection, we proposed using deep CNN as the primary technique to perform critical tasks in video encoding that are relevant to the contents of one or multiple video frames. More specifically, we designed deep CNNs for the following tasks in H.265/HEVC encoder: partitioning CTU to CUs; partitioning CU to PUs; performing intra prediction; and performing inter predictions.