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LI-FI Become IOE: A Novel Architecture for LED

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  • @ARTICLE{10.4108/eai.13-4-2018.154474,
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        title={LI-FI Become IOE: A Novel Architecture for LED},
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  • Umar Draz
    Tariq Ali
    Sana Yasin
    Ahmad Shaf
    Ayesha Shakoor
    Umair Waqas
    Year: 2018
    LI-FI Become IOE: A Novel Architecture for LED
    DOI: 10.4108/eai.13-4-2018.154474
Umar Draz1,*, Tariq Ali1, Sana Yasin1, Ahmad Shaf1, Ayesha Shakoor1, Umair Waqas 1
  • 1: Computer Science Department, CIIT, Sahiwal, Pakistan
*Contact email:


Abstract. Nowadays LI-FI attracts the intention of the whole world. With in no time, the idea of LI-FI spread in the field of wireless communication technology. The working of LI-FI is purely based upon visible light communication in the form of LED. Due to VLC and LED LI-FI not only become an important part of the internet of things (IOT) but also internet of everything (IOE). LI-FI deal with a large amount of data rate, which is in the range of several Mbs to Gbs. Different parameters are affected by the performance of data rate. The proper arrangement of LED play part and parcel role in this new technology so there needs to investigate the novel architecture and flow control protocol in LI-FI system. The dimension of LED and the position of LED lead this technology towards high data rate. So, this paper presents the actual technique and novel architecture that tells us how to increase the data rate in front of different parameters.