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Intelligent Virtual Security System using Attention Mechanism

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  • @ARTICLE{10.4108/eai.13-4-2018.154473,
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        title={Intelligent Virtual Security System using Attention Mechanism},
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  • Wasim Ahmad Khan
    Hafiz Usman Akmal
    Ahmad Ullah
    Aqdas Malik
    Sagheer Abbas
    Abdullah Ahmad
    Abdullah Farooq
    Year: 2018
    Intelligent Virtual Security System using Attention Mechanism
    DOI: 10.4108/eai.13-4-2018.154473
Wasim Ahmad Khan1, Hafiz Usman Akmal2, Ahmad Ullah2, Aqdas Malik2, Sagheer Abbas 1, Abdullah Ahmad1, Abdullah Farooq 1
  • 1: National College of Business Administration and Economics Lahore, Pakistan
  • 2: University College of Information and Technology Lahore, Pakistan


Within the past few years, organizational security has emerged as a critical challenge for industries, security agencies, academic institutions and organizations. The current security system lacks efficiency which influences organizations’ security parameters negatively. While dealing with a violent or terroristic activity human guards may not be able to response effectively under pressure, due to some limitation or lack of continuous attention. In present conditions where guards are not active enough to generate a quick response against threat, human eagerly need to design an effective virtual security system which would be responsible to analyze collective measures, process, and procedure that ensure protections of virtualization environment. In order to increase efficiency of security, eliminate security holes and to obtain quick response towards suspicious activities, there is need to replace humansecurity-guard with a virtual-security-guard system. This virtual guard will be an embedded machine, which will act like a complete security guard that will work under ‘Human Based Psychology’. This system would be reflection of an ideal virtual security guard which will generate intelligent and quick response towards abnormal activities by making intelligent decisions based on selective attention mechanism. The proposed system can be efficient enough to focus both functional and non-functional requirements (resistibility in smoke, fog, rain, dark and dust).