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Research Article

A Survey on Security Issues and Challenges in Mobile Ad-hoc Network

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  • G. Keerthana
    P. Anandan
    Year: 2018
    A Survey on Security Issues and Challenges in Mobile Ad-hoc Network
    DOI: 10.4108/eai.12-9-2018.155743
G. Keerthana1,*, P. Anandan2
  • 1: Research Scholar, Anna University, Chennai.
  • 2: Professor, Veltech Multitech Dr.Rangarajan Dr.Sakunthala Engineering College, Chennai.
*Contact email: gkeerthu21@gmail.com


Rapid developments in the communication arena has tremendously improved the transmission procedures today. The amount of information transmission in the commercial and military applications has grown tremendously therefore the need for security concerns have also grown simultaneously since these applications involve in the transmission of confidential contents. Information transmissions in wireless networks appear to be confidential, hence it becomes mandatory to safeguard these contents from the various available offenses by means of devising suitable security mechanisms. Various types of attacks have been observed in the ad hoc networks, namely, the active and passive types, internal and external types. Integrity, identity and privacy are the three major parameters to be ensured in the design of a secure network. This survey paper discusses about the various attacks on a network together with the essential security procedures to be incorporated for securing the network.