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Design and Analysis of Gas Turbine Blade with Cooling

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  • S. Dhivya
    A. Karthikeyan
    Year: 2018
    Design and Analysis of Gas Turbine Blade with Cooling
    DOI: 10.4108/eai.12-9-2018.155742
S. Dhivya1,*, A. Karthikeyan2
  • 1: Post Graduate Student, Excel Engineering College, Nammakal
  • 2: Associate Professor, Excel Engineering College, Nammakal
*Contact email: dhivya.aero@gmail.com


The turbine inlet temperature in advanced gas turbine engine is very high and it is above the melting point of blade material. In this project radial convective cooling method is used. The turbine blade with cooling holes (6, 8, 9,10, and 11) is designed using CATIA V5. The models are analyzed using the analysis package ANSYS to determine the thermal and structural behaviour by high temperature materials such as Inconel and Nimonic. The turbine has to be coated with ceramic coating (Zirconia) to improve the efficiency and power. The main role of Thermal Barrier Coating is to provide thermal insulation of the blade and reduce the need of blade of cooling and increase the creep life of the blade.