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Analysis of Noise with Curve Fitting Method of a PV cell

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        author={Md Tofael Ahmed and Teresa Gon\`{e}alves and Mouhaydine Tlem\`{e}ani},
        title={Analysis of Noise with Curve Fitting Method of a PV cell},
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  • Md Tofael Ahmed
    Teresa Gonçalves
    Mouhaydine Tlemçani
    Year: 2017
    Analysis of Noise with Curve Fitting Method of a PV cell
    DOI: 10.4108/eai.11-7-2017.152763
Md Tofael Ahmed1,*, Teresa Gonçalves2, Mouhaydine Tlemçani1
  • 1: Institute of Earth Sciences, Department of Physics, University of Evora, Portugal
  • 2: Department of Informatics, University of Evora, Portugal
*Contact email: tahmedbu@gmail.com


Solar photovoltaic technology is a major contender in the race for renewable, sustainable and green energy. This paper introduces the characteristics of different PV cell equivalent circuit and its output behaviour. It describes and implements the proposed characterization method by using a selected model. It generates I-V and P-V curve using iterative method. Noise analysis and observation of curve fitting are briefly described here. The white noise effect and its related output characteristics are explained too. To introduce and implement the generalized method, a photovoltaic electrical equivalent circuit is used here. The fundamental equation of a PV cell is used to study the model and to analyze the best fit of observed data. The values of ideal parameters are used to study the model’s behaviour. The main objective is to measure the noise in data approximation and on the polynomial curve fitting method for both the I-V and P-V curve.