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6G Communication: Envisioning the Key Issues and Challenges

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  • Sabuzima Nayak
    Ripon Patgiri
    Year: 2020
    6G Communication: Envisioning the Key Issues and Challenges
    DOI: 10.4108/eai.11-11-2020.166959
Sabuzima Nayak1, Ripon Patgiri1,*
  • 1: National Institute of Technology Silchar, India
*Contact email:


In 2030, we are going to evidence the 6G mobile communication technology, which will enable the Internet of Everything. Yet 5G has to be experienced by people worldwide and B5G has to be developed; the researchers have already started planning, visioning, and gathering requirements of the 6G. Moreover, many countries have already initiated the research on 6G. 6G promises connecting every smart device to the Internet. 6G will provide sophisticated and high QoS such as holographic communication, augmented reality/virtual reality and many more. It will also focus on Quality of Experience to provide rich experiences. Notably, it is very important to vision the issues and challenges of 6G technology, otherwise, promises may not be delivered on time. The requirements of 6G pose new challenges to the research community. To achieve desired parameters of 6G, researchers are exploring various alternatives. Hence, there are diverse research challenges to envision, from devices to softwarization. Therefore, in this article, we discuss the future issues and challenges to befaced by the 6G technology. We have discussed issues and challenges from every aspect from hardware to the enabling technologies which will be utilized by 6G.