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High Capacity Ethernet Radio Relay Networks in Mobile Communications

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  • Elena-Madalina Oproiu
    Alexandru Vulpe
    Octavian Fratu
    Ion Marghescu
    Year: 2018
    High Capacity Ethernet Radio Relay Networks in Mobile Communications
    DOI: 10.4108/eai.10-1-2018.153553
Elena-Madalina Oproiu1,2,*, Alexandru Vulpe1, Octavian Fratu1, Ion Marghescu1
  • 1: University Politehnica of Bucharest
  • 2: Orange Romania
*Contact email:


The present paper studies the main characteristics of digital radio relays used by the largest mobile network operator (MNO) in Romania in order to develop a network supporting the newest technologies available on the market. The main contribution is the design of a high capacity Ethernet radio relay network in an area around Bucharest, Romania. The location was chosen on the criterion that it is a high-density traffic area where high-capacity radio links are in operation and use the newest digital radio relay features that are explained in this paper: high modulation scheme, adaptive radio modulation, radio traffic aggregation and cross-polarization interference cancellation. The network contains PDH and SDH links to transport the entire traffic in the area. We analyse several links between different sites that present particularities in the mobile operator's network. Finally, the most suitable parameters are chosen and the designed radio relay network is presented and analysed. It has been implemented in the MNO's network since 2015.