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The Improvised GZIP, A Technique for Real Time Lossless Data Compression

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        author={Ahmad  Saeed  Shah and Muhammad  Athar Javed  Sethi},
        title={The Improvised GZIP, A Technique for Real Time Lossless Data Compression},
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  • Ahmad Saeed Shah
    Muhammad Athar Javed Sethi
    Year: 2019
    The Improvised GZIP, A Technique for Real Time Lossless Data Compression
    DOI: 10.4108/eai.1-10-2019.160599
Ahmad Saeed Shah1,*, Muhammad Athar Javed Sethi1
  • 1: Department of Computer Systems Engineering, University of Engineering and Technology, Peshawar, Pakistan
*Contact email:


Whenever it comes to data processing, the user always faces two major constraints. One is storage capacity and second is bandwidth. These two resources must be efficiently utilized by compressing the data. Enormous algorithms are used to compress data. As far as, compression in storage is concern, GZIP is used on large scale for lossless data compression. However, it is not desirable to carry out lossless data compression for real time data. In this paper, an improvisation is proposed in the existing GZIP algorithm for compressing real time data by a contemporary concept of introducing Adaptive Huffman algorithm by replacing the traditional Huffman encoder (static). Simulations have proved that improvised GZIP has approximate 18% better compression ratio and space saving than traditional GZIP for real time data. This research paper extends the usability of GZIP algorithm to carry out lossless compression for real time data.