4th International ICST Conference on Testbeds and Research Infrastructures for the Development of Networks & Communities

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Generic Access Network Emulation for NGN Testbeds

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  • Joachim Fabini
    Peter Reichl
    Christoph Egger
    Marco Happenhofer
    Michael Hirschbichler
    Lukas Wallentin
    Year: 2010
    Generic Access Network Emulation for NGN Testbeds
    DOI: 10.4108/tridentcom.2008.3135
Joachim Fabini1,*, Peter Reichl2, Christoph Egger1, Marco Happenhofer1, Michael Hirschbichler1, Lukas Wallentin1
  • 1: TU Wien, Institute of Broadband Communications Favoritenstr. 9/E388 A-1040 Vienna, Austria
  • 2: Telecommunications Research Center Vienna (ftw.) Donau-City-Str. 1 A-1220 Vienna, Austria
*Contact email: joachim.fabini@tuwien.ac.at


Evaluating the user satisfaction with Next Generation Network applications requires, amongst others, to carefully study the impact of various access networks with differing performance characteristics. This paper presents the concept and implementation of a network emulator for IP-based packet-switched wired and wireless access technologies based on measurement results obtained in real access networks. We present a generic modeling process which consists of three stages: (1) metric and measurement methodology selection, (2) measurements in real access networks, and (3) access network emulation based on the measurement results. Whereas the proposed modeling concept is generic and can be applied to any metric, the implementation part of this paper focuses on changes to the Open Source Linux WAN emulator NetEm which are required to accurately emulate one-way delay for access networks. We propose two distinct emulation options and compare one-way delay measurement results for real access technologies against the emulated ones, emphasizing limitations and pitfalls related to access network emulation in general.