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Cyber situation awareness and teamwork

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        author={Nancy J. Cooke and Michael Champion and Prashanth Rajivan and Shree Jariwala},
        title={Cyber situation awareness and teamwork},
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  • Nancy J. Cooke
    Michael Champion
    Prashanth Rajivan
    Shree Jariwala
    Year: 2013
    Cyber situation awareness and teamwork
    DOI: 10.4108/trans.sesa.01-06.2013.e5
Nancy J. Cooke1,*, Michael Champion1, Prashanth Rajivan1, Shree Jariwala1
  • 1: Arizona State University, Santa Catalina Hall 7271 E. Sonoran Arroyo Mall Mesa, AZ 85212
*Contact email:


Cyber analysis is a complex task that requires the coordination of a large sociotechnical system of human analysts working together with technology. Adequate situation awareness of such a complex system requires more than aggregate situation awareness of individuals. Teamwork in the form of communication and information coordination is at the heart of team-level situation awareness. In this position paper, we report observations from previously conducted cognitive task analyses that suggest that teamwork is lacking in many cyber analysis organizations. Communication is ineffective, team roles are inconsistent across organizations, reward structures and selection may thwart collaboration, and the environment is conducive to individual work. Suggestions for improving teamwork in the cyber domain are offered.