4th International ICST Conference on Wireless Internet

Research Article

VICTORY: a 3D search engine over P2P and wireless P2P networks

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  • Petros Daras
    Dimitrios Tzovaras
    Stefan Dobravec
    Jernej Trnkoczy
    Andrea Sanna
    Gianluca Paravati
    Ralph Traphoener
    Jasmin Franz
    Timotheos Kastrinogiannis
    Christos Malavazos
    Nikiforos Ploskas
    Mathias Gumz
    Konstantina Geramani
    Gerd-Joachim Wintterle
    Year: 2010
    VICTORY: a 3D search engine over P2P and wireless P2P networks
    DOI: 10.4108/ICST.WICON2008.5001
Petros Daras1,*, Dimitrios Tzovaras1,*, Stefan Dobravec2,*, Jernej Trnkoczy2,*, Andrea Sanna3,*, Gianluca Paravati3,*, Ralph Traphoener4,*, Jasmin Franz4,*, Timotheos Kastrinogiannis5,*, Christos Malavazos5,*, Nikiforos Ploskas6,*, Mathias Gumz7,*, Konstantina Geramani8,*, Gerd-Joachim Wintterle9,*
  • 1: Centre for Research and Technology, Hellas – Informatics and Telematics Institute, Thessaloniki, Greece. +30 2310 464160
  • 2: University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia. +386 1 4768 853
  • 3: Politecnico Di Torino, Italy. + 390115647027
  • 4: Empolis GmbH, Kaiserslautern, Germany. + 49 5241 8074377
  • 5: Hypertech S.A, Athens, Greece. +30 210 6996157
  • 6: Teletel S.A., Athens, Greece. +30 210 6983393
  • 7: Living Solids GmbH, Magdeburg, Germany. +49 391 25192 0
  • 8: TWT GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany. +49 075817 15 10
  • 9: ALCATEL-LUCENT Deutschland AG, Stuttgart, Germany. +49 711 821 44367
*Contact email: daras@iti.gr, tzovaras@iti.gr, stefand@ldos.fe.uni-lj.si, jernej.trnkoczy@ldos.fe.uni-lj.si, andrea.sanna@polito.it, gianluca.paravati@polito.it, ralph.traphoener@empolis.com, jasmin.franz@empolis.com, t.kastrinogiannis@hypertech.gr, c.malavazos@hypertech.gr, N.Ploskas@teletel.eu, mathias.gumz@livingsolids.de, konstantina.geramani@twt-gmbh.de, J.Wintterle@alcatel-lucent.de


Our information society is being overflowed with digital data of various kinds. In order for the users to find relevant information, novel digital repositories should provide search mechanisms that are both content and context based, facilitating the formulation of queries and enabling search by example using 3D/2D objects, sketches, etc. At the same time the repositories should scale to the growing number of users. This paper presents the main achievements of the IST project VICTORY that aims at developing an innovative distributed digital repository introducing novel search, retrieval, and visualization capabilities to a desktop and mobile P2P networks.