4th International ICST Conference on Wireless Internet

Research Article

A Patrol Grid Protocol for Mobile Wireless Sensor Network

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  • Dongliang Xie
    Mingxing Chen
    Chen Canfeng
    Jian Ma
    Year: 2010
    A Patrol Grid Protocol for Mobile Wireless Sensor Network
    DOI: 10.4108/ICST.WICON2008.4861
Dongliang Xie1,*, Mingxing Chen1,*, Chen Canfeng2,*, Jian Ma2,*
  • 1: State Key Laboratory of Networking & Switching Technology, Beijing University of Posts & Telecommunications, Beijing, China
  • 2: Nokia Research Center, Beijing, China.
*Contact email: xiedl@bupt.edu.cn, today241@sina.com, canfeng-david.chen@nokia.com, Jian.J.Ma@nokia.com


Nowadays more requirements for wireless sensor networks are utilized to military, science and our daily life gradually, however the sink mobility is still bottleneck problem in a number of WSN application scenarios. In some fields like environmental monitoring, the solution is an especially urgent request. In this paper we propose Patrol Grid Protocol (PGP), a sink mobility supported route protocol for environmental monitoring which builds on a previously developed routing protocol called TWOTier Data Dissemination (TTDD). We prove that PGP can be more suitable for urgent events and query-driven mode than TTDD. The description of mechanisms and simulation are presented firstly, then we evaluate the performance of the new protocol and analyze the overhead and delay. PGP is a more applicable protocol for environmental monitoring.