4th International ICST Conference on Wireless Internet

Research Article

Efficient XML Usage within Wireless Sensor Networks

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  • Nils Hoeller
    Christoph Reinke
    Jana Neumann
    Sven Groppe
    Daniel Boeckmann
    Volker Linnemann
    Year: 2010
    Efficient XML Usage within Wireless Sensor Networks
    DOI: 10.4108/ICST.WICON2008.4787
Nils Hoeller1,*, Christoph Reinke1,*, Jana Neumann1,*, Sven Groppe1,*, Daniel Boeckmann1,*, Volker Linnemann1,*
  • 1: Institute of Information Systems Ratzeburger Allee 160 23538 Luebeck, Germany
*Contact email: hoeller@ifis.uni-luebeck.de, reinke@ifis.uni-luebeck.de, neumann@ifis.uni-luebeck.de, groppe@ifis.uni-luebeck.de, boeckmann@ifis.uni-luebeck.de, linemmann@ifis.uni-luebeck.de


Integrating wireless sensor networks in heterogeneous net- works is a complex task. A reason is the absence of a stan- dardized data exchange format that is supported in all par- ticipating sub networks. XML has evolved to the de facto standard data exchange format between heterogeneous net- works and systems. However, XML usage within sensor networks has not been introduced because of the limited hardware resources. In this paper, we introduce XML tem- plate objects making XML usage applicable within sensor networks. This new XML data binding technique provides significant high compression results while still allowing dy- namic XML processing and XML navigation. This is a step towards more complex but exchangeable data management in sensor networks and the extension of the service-oriented paradigm to sensor network application engineering.