4th International ICST Workshop on Game Theory in Communication Networks

Research Article

The jamming Game in an OFDM setting

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  • Francesco Renna
    Nicola Laurenti
    Yih-Chun Hu
    Year: 2012
    The jamming Game in an OFDM setting
    DOI: 10.4108/icst.valuetools.2011.245803
Francesco Renna1,*, Nicola Laurenti1, Yih-Chun Hu2
  • 1: University of Padova
  • 2: University of Illinois
*Contact email: frarenna@dei.unipd.it


Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) has been chosen as the physical layer solution for a large variety of emerging and future wireless networks, due to its robustness in coping with frequency selective channels and efficient transceiver implementation. Its adoption in the transmission architecture should therefore be properly taken into account when designing or analyzing security solutions at the physical layer. We consider a jamming game with OFDM transmission, that is a zero-sum game between transmitter/receiver and jammer where the payoff function is the mutual information between the transmitted and received symbols, and we assume complete knowledge of the channel states and uncorrelated jamming. By establishing similarity with a MIMO Gaussian channel we evaluate the payoff function at the Nash equilibrium and derive the optimal signaling strategies to be implemented by the transmitter and the jammer.