4th International ICST Workshop on Game Theory in Communication Networks

Research Article

Adversarial Behavior in Network Mechanism Design

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  • Anil Chorppath
    Tansu Alpcan
    Year: 2012
    Adversarial Behavior in Network Mechanism Design
    DOI: 10.4108/icst.valuetools.2011.245776
Anil Chorppath1, Tansu Alpcan1,*
  • 1: Deutsche Telekom Laboratories
*Contact email: tansualpcan@gmail.com


This paper studies the effects of and countermeasures against adversarial behavior in network resource allocation mechanisms such as pricing and auctions. It models the heterogeneous behavior of users, which ranges from altruistic to selfish and even to malicious, using game theory. The paper adopts a mechanism design approach to quantify the effect of adversarial behavior and modify the mechanisms to respond. First, the \textit{Price of Malice} of the existing network mechanisms to adversarial behavior, which ranges from extreme selfishness to destructive maliciousness, is analyzed. Then, two methods are discussed to counter such adversarial behavior: one is a differentiated pricing to punish the malicious users and another is a detection method based on the expected utility functions of the ``regular'' users on the network. Finally, the results obtained are illustrated with multiple examples and numerical simulations.