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DynamiQ: A Tool for Dynamic Emulation of Networks

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  • Razvan Beuran
    Shingo Yasuda
    Tomoya Inoue
    Yuuki Takano
    Toshiyuki Miyachi
    Yoichi Shinoda
    Year: 2015
    DynamiQ: A Tool for Dynamic Emulation of Networks
    DOI: 10.4108/icst.tridentcom.2015.259856
Razvan Beuran1,*, Shingo Yasuda2, Tomoya Inoue1, Yuuki Takano2, Toshiyuki Miyachi2, Yoichi Shinoda1
  • 1: Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
  • 2: National Institute of Information and Communications Technology
*Contact email:


Interactive network experiments, in which experiment conditions change dynamically based on input from users or other external sources, are the most appropriate approach when evaluating solutions to practical network problems, for teaching and/or training purposes, etc. Support for dynamic experiment conditions is also required whenever an experiment cannot be fully defined from start, for instance when node behavior (application execution, mobility pattern, etc.) depends on factors such as communication conditions in the experiment, traffic content, and so on. In this paper we present the network emulation module named dynamiQ that makes possible the dynamic emulation of networks. We also outline an interactive experiment framework that uses dynamiQ to meet the above requirements. The evaluation of dynamiQ in this context shows that no significant performance penalties occur because of its dynamic nature. Our interactive experiment framework has already been used in practice, including for a demonstration at Interop Tokyo 2014.