3rd International Workshop on OMNeT++

Research Article

OBS network model for OMNeT++: a performance evaluation

        author={Felix  Espina and Javier  Armendariz and Naiara  Garc\^{\i}a and Daniel  Morat\^{o} and Mikel  Izal and Eduardo  Maga\`{o}a},
        title={OBS network model for OMNeT++: a performance evaluation},
        proceedings={3rd International Workshop on OMNeT++},
        keywords={Optical Burst Switching OBS OMNeT++},
  • Felix Espina
    Javier Armendariz
    Naiara García
    Daniel Morató
    Mikel Izal
    Eduardo Magaña
    Year: 2010
    OBS network model for OMNeT++: a performance evaluation
    DOI: 10.4108/ICST.SIMUTOOLS2010.8708
Felix Espina1,*, Javier Armendariz1,*, Naiara García1,*, Daniel Morató1,*, Mikel Izal1,*, Eduardo Magaña1,*
  • 1: Public University of Navarre, Campus de Arrosadía s/n, E-31006 Pamplona, Spain.
*Contact email: felix.espina@unavarra.es, javier.armendariz@unavarra.es, naiara.garcia@unavarra.es, daniel.morato@unavarra.es, mikel.izal@unavarra.es, eduardo.magana@unavarra.es


Optical Burst Switching (OBS) is an optical switching technology capable of supporting large demands for bandwidth in optical backbones with Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM). This paper presents an OBS simulation model for the discrete event simulator OMNeT++. The performance of this model is compared with the performance of the well-known INET simulation model for IP networks. Both models show similar performance results. The OBS model is faster but uses more dynamic memory.